Monday, 3 March 2014

A show

Another sleepless night 
Another one with blood's sight 
Why can't you just get it right? 
Hang the rope, tie the knot, tight 

It'll be over soon 
You'll be a star, by the moon 
After all, you'll get a boon 
You'll pass away, this noon 

No big deal, it's very easy 
Not to do it would be crazy 
When you're hanging, it'll be hazy 
But it's ok, do it, don't be lazy 

Don't you worry, all will be good here 
No person would shed a single tear 
Time would pass by, maybe a year 
Everything would be crystal clear 

They don't care, you'll finally know 
It was all just a damn show 

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Now she regrets

How could She have lost herself 
Not this way, it was never to have happened
He wanted to keep her to himself 
Safe and sound not to be saddened 
She didn't want to stay locked 
She left him she left home 
He stood simply shocked 
It was too late to hide under the dome 
he had stopped caring now
Earthquake had arrived, she was shaken 
She was falling apart and finally breaking 
Now what was she to do 
She just lay there turning blue 
Her breath had stopped completely 
Her soul now moved around freely 
But was this really happening?
She was just a lover, now dead 
She had dreamt of this all this while 
Then when she left why did she regret 
The people who didn't care started caring 
The ones without memories started sharing 
She regret what she had done, but too late 
The life she was living wasn't great 
But now it was over, even though he started to care 
It was all over just coz she couldn't bare 

Thursday, 12 December 2013

The end

There he was, looking as gorgeous as ever 
Just one look gave me a shiver 
He came close, looked into my eyes
And asked 'where to?', I replied 'to the skies'
Unbelievable it was, he was throne 
At least that is what I had thought 
A while passed, though it had been a nice run 
I wasn't ready for the end, I was just not 
But still it happened against my will
The strength I had to fight was nil 
All hope had left my sight 
I picked up the knife shivering in freight 
Sliced a bit, let blood pass through 
Slowly I lost consciousness too 
And that is how the story finally ends 
Not with enemies neither with friends 

Monday, 2 December 2013

Started, now will end soon

It started with a little scratch 
Ended up as big red patch 
I bled day and night 
Never thought I would see this sight 
But now I wonder how to remove it 
How did this depression hit 
These suicidal thoughts that flow my way 
How do I put them aside, far away 
He was the one to always take care 
But now it's my turn, life isn't fair 
He left and I have reached this state 
Up until now it was everything but hate 
But now hate is in me, not for him 
But just for me, for all of my whim 
How did I reach this place in life 
How did I end up in this strife
The answers are not known to me 
All I know is that hate consumes me 
And the end it very near 
No more with a cover that is sheer 

Saturday, 30 November 2013

December dream

Someday I will realise what it was 
Someday you will know your loss 
I don't know what we were 
But I loved you, I swear 
I'm hurting I know, doesn't matter 
I still hear your name and shatter 
But do you care? Would you ever?
Would you ever smile at me? Never 
I die daily just thinking about you 
But you are happy there without a clue 
Someday will come, at least I hope
When you will know why I broke 
I wish for you to know I love you 
Yes that's my December dream, you 
Just that you know what you're worth 
What you've meant to me since our birth 

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Joyous tears

Does such a thing happen?
I never believed so
Now my cheeks have dampened 
And I have that glow 
As tears of joy stride down 
I wonder how this happening took place 
I laugh while crying like a clown 
This is what you've done, given grace 
I didn't know one could cry and smile
I cry because I'm fragile 
This is my first time with a grin 
It's all because you talked to me 
I've a hard exterior but I'm sensitive within 
By means of the simple words I've got glee 
What have you done to me? 
I cried for happiness, it isn't like me 
You've made me crazy
My heart beats faster when I think of you 
I start to get weak in the knees
The memories of you and me gush in 
The world starts to get hazy 
I've lost the means to get your love 
But the fact that you just speak 
Or maybe just write to me,
It sets me on a flight to cloud nine 
It makes me shine 

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The dream catcher

The sad dreams, the scary nightmares 
They came one after the other in layers 
Scared and unhappy I stayed for years and years 
Thought that I will just get used to the tears 
But that wasn't god's plan for me 
God had sent a dreamcatcher, it was he 
He came, he conquered all of my heart and soul 
He filled up that empty hole 
Somehow he managed to stop the dreams 
No more did the tears shed to extremes 
He made happiness engulf me,
Made me fall in love with he 
But that wasn't god's plan as well 
I was all over again made to dwell 
This time I knew, dreamcatchers won't help 
Because this time it was the dreamcatcher's fault itself